Alright so I'm pretty much a huge star y'all! i got 50+ subscribers on YT and it's all original content 8-)!! lol ok i'm kiddin, but yeah check out my new video "50 subscribers" on there you might find it funny!!!

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2007-08-28 15:59:27 by EdwinsGeneration

KORN FANS ! whats up.. or nonkorn fans whom are bored 'nuff to click here.. lol

MAN like korn or not!! these guys have proved themselves to be able to step forward with or without Head (ex guitar) and David (drummer on 'hiatus')!! Their new album with no title will blow your mind fan or not!!

Go ahead and watch my video review over at my website on! If my humor and personality does not convince you to check it out.. then watch the new video with the new song. Hopefully you like it heh

IF YOU DON'T AND YOU HEARD THE ALBUM, then try not to get so mad, should you feel the need to leave me a comment here, just make it coherent and in complete sentences please! THANKS

I also have a blog about the show they played here in PHX, AZ two days ago. Family Values kicked a whole lotta ass! anyway thanks a lot!

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I have been with NG for almost three years now, so improvements on this site have been cool but usually not big. I took a huge break from this site because people at the BBS will always be gay, but I checked all the new features out and they KICK ASS!!

Well updates with me, I am no longer a flash artist. I make movies but not flash. Check them out at my website !

below a random picture

Wow sweet new improvements!